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How to Play Online Roulette

In the article that follows, we’ll have a look at how to play online roulette, the basic roulette rules for dummies and a few “strategies” that will increase your edge over the house. Also, you’ll find out how to play roulette online and have fun. We present to you the best online roulette hacks in one place!

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How to Play Online Roulette

How To Play Online Roulette – Online Casinos

The online casino allows you to place your bets as described below. How you place your bets while sitting on the roulette table will tell the croupier and the eye in the sky what you are betting on. The dealer’s responsibility will be to ask you to clarify your bets in the event that he/she feels that they don’t understand what bet you are placing. It’s for this reason that you need to master and grasp the different types of bets and roulette rules described below before you start playing roulette whether online or at the land-based casino.

Take note that the roulette rules that are observed at the land-based casinos are the same roulette rules that are used to play online roulette. The only difference is that you shall be accessing the services through the video camera on either your laptop or mobile device.

Smart Tips on How to Play Roulette Online

Learning the basic roulette rules for dummies is not enough to enable you to lower the house edge by a significant percentage. In fact, most of the professional roulette players hardly use the basic roulette rules alone to win. They have strategies, a game plan or tricks that they have devised to lower the house edge. And therefore the whole philosophy on how to play online roulette gets more complicated. It’s therefore important to you as well to learn some of the common mistakes people commit when playing online roulette, as well as a strategy or two which will finally help you reduce the house edge.

We’ll start by looking at some of the common mistakes people make when they play online roulette before looking at the comprehensive and widely used strategy online, combined with the online roulette hacks.

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Bankroll Strategies

Just like other situations that require some money, proper management of money mostly has to do with how you manage the bankroll instead of the size of your bets. In your approach to gambling, I highly recommend that you set both loss limits as well as win goals. These shouldn’t be some arbitrary amounts, which will constantly be subjected to change depending on how you win. It should determine the amount of cash that you will spend at any given roulette session.

The total amount of money that you will use in each roulette session, or your “buy in” will determine the size of your bets, you winning goal, determine the bets you use and your loss limits for the given session.

For example, if you are having a two-day session at the online roulette table, and have a bankroll of $2,000, you can decide to split it into two $1,000 sessions. Further, the two $1,000 sessions can be divided into four $250 bankrolls. If you further need to split these four bankrolls, you can decide to have a loss limit of 50% of your initial buy-in. Therefore, if you have the initial bet of $250, the roulette session would come to an end once you have lost a total of $125.

Similarly, you may also set a winning goal of $100 per session. Once this limit has been achieved, you call it quits for the day or if you wish to continue playing, you can become more conservative to avoid losing the winnings to the casino.

Locking Up the Profit – Applicable to the land casinos

One way that you can lock up your profit is by physically removing the money from the table as you play. For example, you may have won a total of $100 on a $250 buy in. What you can do is take a total of $350 and put it away. Most casinos will have a safe deposit box that you can ask for this purpose. If you cannot afford the $2,000 bankroll that we’ve used above, you can borrow the same formula, and use it on your small bankroll.

Of importance to note is that whenever you are playing at the roulette table, you are using your money and not “the casino’s” money. The money belongs to the casino only when it is in the chip rack on the roulette table. Once you are given the money, it ceases to be the casino’s money and becomes yours.

Also, walk away whenever you’ve hit your loss limit. It wouldn’t make any sense if you have a loss limit and fail to adhere to the limit. I know it’s usually difficult for most people to walk away from the table when they are having a loss, especially when there is still some cash on the table, but it’s the best thing to do. Don’t wait for every chip to go back to the casino’s side so that you decide to call it quits.

Maximizing Your Winnings

The most important thing that you should always do when learning how to play online roulette and comprehending the online roulette hacks is to always remember that your sole goal is to win, and leave the casino with a profit. One way that you can achieve this is by minimizing your loses, by walking away from the table when you have a loss.

Most players become addicted to a seasonal winning streak. In fact, if you can make observations at the casinos, the biggest losers are those players who have already recorded very huge wins in the past. The reason? They become hooked to this idea of winning. Therefore, when they are having a bad streak, they refuse to leave, because they dwell on how good it felt when they were raking in chips! They’ll dwell on this for a long time until its too late for them to savour anything from the winning streak!

You should safeguard your wins at all times and always remember that there is nothing as a “small win.” Every win is crucial toward your bankroll.

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Systems & Strategies

Betting systems are broadly categorized into different groups such as raising the value of your bets after wins, referred to as the positive progressions; betting the same amount of money after every loss, referred to as the flat betting and raising the value of your bets after losses, referred to as negative progressions.

Most of the commonly used betting strategies were developed in the 18th and 19th centuries, and are not only used in roulette but also even money games such as Blackjack, Baccarat and Craps. Although none of the systems is a sure way of winning the bets, it’s worth taking a look at one or two of the most used systems online. Hopefully, it will be helpful during your studying of roulette rules for dummies and mastering the online roulette hacks.

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The Martingale Betting System  

It is probably the oldest roulette betting system and used a negative progression system. Founded by Henry Martindale, an English casino owner who popularized roulette in the 1700s, he usually advised his customers who were losing their bets to “double ‘em up” the bets. Ever since then, this system found its way to other casinos and is the most used betting system probably because of the number of wins it helps its users achieve. In fact, using the Martingale betting system put the roulette odds in your favour, and you won’t go without recording a win.

Understanding and using the Martingale betting system is very easy. Unlike other betting systems that are complicated and twisted to use, the Martingale betting system employs a betting series where every bet in the series shall be twice as large as the outgoing one, as with the series 5, 10, 20, 40, 80 and so on. As long as you win your roulette bet, you will continue betting at the lowest level, in our case the $5 bet.

In the event that you lose a bet, you will proceed to the next bet, BUT YOU SHALL DOUBLE the bet. This way, when your bet finally wins, you shall have recovered all your loses including the amounts that you shall have previously lost.
Other than the Martingale Betting System, other systems that have proved to work while playing online roulette include the En-Prison Rule and La Partage rule. By properly using the mentioned systems, you can easily lower the house edge while playing roulette online.

The House Edge in the various online roulette games

Having looked at the various bets that you can place while learning how to play online roulette, it’s time that we looked at other parameters that are bound to affect how you make or lose your money. One of these parameters is the house edge. Since they might affect the outcome of the game, we could also include the house edge rules in the list of roulette rules for dummies.

When learning how to play online roulette, here’s one more thing you need to know: the house will gain some edge over you due to the zero and double zero appearing on the different roulette wheels. It’s usually advisable that you play the European roulette which has a single zero, as it gives you a better chance of winning.

Let’s have a look at how the house edge interferes with the payoff of a bet on a number, say ten.

The American roulette wheel has up to 38 numbers, as already seen. This gives you up to 38 probable outcomes at the end of each spin. If you choose number 10 as your probable outcome, and you wish to know the probability of the number showing up on the next spin, you can simply express the single number out of 38, i.e., 1/38 or 1 out of 38.

To determine the probability as a percentage, you will simply divide 1 by 38 to get 0.026 or 2.6%. This means that the probability of getting a ten as the next probable outcome is 2.6%.

If the casino didn’t have an edge over the player, then the actual payout for winning the bet would be the actual roulette odds of winning the bet, which is 37:1. However, the casino has an edge over you by shortchanging you on the payoff of the winning bet and only pays your bet at odds of 35:1 while it keeps 2 out of the possible 38 numbers for itself.

To calculate the house edge on the number ten on an American Roulette wheel, we proceed as follows:

2/38 = 0.0536% or simply express it as 5.26%

On the other hand, the house edge on the number ten on the European Roulette, the house edge can be calculated as follows:

1/37 = 0.027 or simply express it as 2.70%

It should be evident now why most people decide to play the European Roulette instead of the American roulette online!

How To Play Roulette Online

Now that you have read the full guide on how to play online roulette, hopefully, you’ll be able to make a fresh start in this exciting game! Use the roulette rules for dummies & the online roulette hacks described above and enjoy the online roulette game.

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